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SPOONK is specialized in art, theatre, music and fashion. Since October 2019 we also run SPOONK Art Cantina; a POP-UP Theatre & Art Café located in the Kleine Hoogstraat, Leeuwarden.

SPOONK is a collaboration focusing on art, theatre and fashion, which is stationed in the Kleine Hoogstraat 17, Leeuwarden. The projects that it undertakes are established in regions that evoke friction. Hence, by inter alia working and living on these locations, SPOONK tries to provide a shift in perspective in order to redefine contemporary situations. Furthermore, the emphasis that is placed on the public space enables one to underline the importance of promoting theatre in connection with modern-day questions.
Our work can be found in every corner of the theatre and every corner of the world.

The SPOONK Studio

SPOONK was established by Caro Kroon in 2000 as a place to accommodate the various activities that she has undertaken as an independent artist, performer and designer since her graduation in 1995 at Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam. Over the years, the focus of her business has crystallized to working on her theatre shows, art exhibitions, fashion collections and related projects.



Caro Kroon

1 week ago

Would you like to follow our glow-in-the-dark make-up workshop 💄by artist Diane Wimmenhove next Saturday October 16💅🏻There is room at 14 h and at 16 h DM now or sign up via link in bio🌈#glowinthedark #shinebrightlikeadiamond #glitterismyfavoritecolor #pinktober #colorful #TheEarthWithoutArtisJustEH #spoonkupyourlife ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Such a lovely day @ndsm yesterday with the Pink Spoons Food Experience 💕#TheEarthWithoutArtisJustEH #spoonkupyourlife ... See MoreSee Less
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